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You have no idea who I am, except Proto. He knows.

My current YouTube video projects (Edited June 11th 2015)

 Game System Type Recording %
 Status  Request?
 Trip World
 GB Playthrough 100% UPLOADED No
 New Super Mario Bros. Wii
 Wii 100% Playthrough 35% On hold No
 Mega Man 10 (Challenges)
 WiiWare  Boss H challenges
 ?% On hold Yes
 Adventure Island
 GB Playthrough 45% On hold
 Emerald Dragon
 SNES Playthrough 1% On hold  No
 Mega Man X3
 SNES Bosses 0% On hold
 Mega Man Xtreme 2
 GBC Redoing certain bosses
 0% On hold
 Moai-Kun NES Playthrough  40% On hold
 Wrecking Crew  NES Playthrough 45% On hold
 Adventure Island 2
 GB Playthrough 0% On hold Yes
 Mario Bros.
 NES A few stages
 0% Undecided No
 Mega Man DX3  GBC Bosses 0% Undecided No
 Ninja JaJaMaru-kun NES 15 scenes 0% Undecided No
 Operation C
 GB Playthrough 0% Undecided No
 Peepar Time
 NES Playthrough 0% Undecided No
 Super Mario Bros.  NES Playthrough 0% Undecided No
 Super Mario Bros. 2 (U)
 NES Playthrough 0% Undecided No
 Super Mario Bros. 2 (J)  FDS Playthrough 0% Undecided No
 Super Mario Bros. 3
 NES Playthrough 0% Undecided No
 Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land
 GB Playthrough ?% Undecided No
 Super Mario RPG: The Legend of the Seven Stars  SNES Playthrough 0% Undecided No

Downloads Back In (Edited January 19th 2014)

After a long while, I finally got around to reuploading all soundtracks. Then an equally long while later I decided to update this page. Click here or click Downloads on the top of the page.

New soundtrack uploaded (Edited June 17th 2011)

Added Dominion: Storm over Gift 3 into the soundtrack list. Go to the Downloads section to find the link.

If you find broken links, notify me in the Guestbook! section.

Super Mario World hack (Suupaa Tatsujin) Update! (Added May 28th 2010)

Go to Projects or Downloads to download the newest version of the hack or CLICK HERE.

Comment on the hack using the Guestbook!

June 1st, 2010: New version of the patch, fixed Level 106 (Forbidden Fruit), unnecessary Yoshi murder can no longer be bypassed.

My first FAQ (Added October 10th 2009)

I have submitted a FAQ to GameFAQs and they accepted it. Click here to get to the FAQ or click here to get to the game article itself.

The game in question is Arumana no Kiseki, a Famicom Disk System game developed and published by Konami in 1987.

Castlevania 2 Game Genie Music update (June 11th)

I updated the Music section with a download to an NSF file of the Game Genie-edited music.

New hack (Edited June 11th)

June 6th - Contains only one level which was somewhat WIP.

June 11th - Contains three levels, also somewhat WIP perhaps.

Go to Projects or get it here. The file is about 22kb packed and 100kb~ unpacked.

Contents of the .rar file (1 item)

 Seven Creations of True Terror 110609.ips

Romhack update (Updated June 5th)

Improved the hack, it should now be fully beatable.

Go to the Projects section to download the patch.